Measure A Endorsed by Local Newspapers

The Press Democrat, Argus Courier and Sonoma Index-Tribune have all endorsed Measure A. While funds raised from the 1/4 percent sales tax increase go to the county general fund (to be split 56/44 percent between the cities and county), the county supervisors have gone on record for using 90 percent of the funds for desperately needed road repairs and 10 percent for transit-fare assistance for veterans and college students. 

The supervisors have also expressed their intention to continue the increased commitment of general fund money for road repairs as outlined in the Long-Term Road Plan they adopted last year.

Here are links to each of the newspaper endorsements:

Press DemocratPD Editorial: Yes on A: County roads need the help
“We [the Press Democrat] will be among the many organizations keeping close watch on how these tax dollars are spent.  So will SOSroads (Save our Sonoma Roads) which formed in 2011 when the local road crisis became apparent. ‘They will hear a lot if they go back on this,’ said SOSroads co-founder Michael Troy.”
Argus Courier: Vote yes on Measure A
"But why should we trust a politician’s promise? For one thing, the sales tax includes an annual audit to show how the money was spent. There would be no chance of our leaders renewing the measure in five years when it expires if they fooled us once. They will also have a difficult time running for reelection with the shards of a broken promise embedded deeply in the soles of their feet."

Sonoma Index-TribunePoint/Counterpoint: Yes on A
“Road repair has been underfunded for years, and . . . the roads need fixing. Just ask your shock absorbers.  We recommend a YES on Measure A.”