Letters, emails and phone calls are an important part of our work to garner support for improving our roads. A written letter is excellent, but an email is important as well. A phone call and a fax are also options. 

There are two types of letters you can write at this point. One is to the Board of Supervisors and the other is to the Editor of the Press Democrat and other papers.

See the links on our website for help: Contact your Supervisor and Write a letter to the Editor. At some future point you may be asked to send a letter to your State Senator or Assemblyman.

Write your letter from your own perspective. It’s more powerful than copying a template or copying another letter. If that is difficult for you, rephrase into your own words, portions of letters that express your views.

State why you are writing.  Give your perspective or experience regarding the roads issue, such as:

  • the safety issues you have experienced on poor roads;
  • any damage that poor roads have inflicted on your car;
  • it is outrageous to consider turning most county roads into gravel;
  • if you pay County property taxes, you would expect decent roads;
  • crumbling roads will lead to decreased property values, etc.

Then make a point or two about your opinion of what should be done:

  • Maintaining our roads is a basic responsibility of the County and should be funded.
  • The Board needs to review the budget and place road preservation higher on the list of priorities.
  • The Board needs to advocate at the state level for more funding.
  • It is cheaper to fix roads now rather than later. Etc.