This report (Click Here), updated to the final version on June 11, 2018, was funded by the Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department and provides information on the current status of the 1,357 miles of pavement on county roads. Half of the road network is surveyed each year.

Currently, about 33% of the county road system is good or very good; 11% is fair; 26% is poor; and 30% is very poor or failed.

By functional classification, arterials are in the best shape (pavement condition index 79); major collectors have a PCI of 71; minor collectors a PCI of 49; and residential roads a PCI of 33.  Residential roads account for almost 58% of the county road system, and SOSroads members already know they are in the worst condition.

The countywide PCI has fallen from a recent high of 51 (2015) to 48, but it is still well above the PCI of 43 when SOSroads began in 2011. The recent decline may be attributed to the severe winter storms in 2016-2017.

The recommended budget scenario would improve the countywide PCI to 53 within five years, and will require an investment of about $250 million.