Volunteer Job Descriptions

Editor/Writer - We need someone with experience in writing and editing to write articles for our newsletter and for publication in local media. The position would also edit material written by others for publication in our newsletter and for the media.

Graphic Design - We would like to have a person with graphic design to help us with developing a logo, creating flyers and ads and handling miscellaneous graphic communication needs.

Bookkeeping -  We need a person with experience in bookkeeping to handle our bookkeeping and financial reporting to members and government.

Neighborhood Organizers - Start Neighborhood Road Forum at SOSroads.org

  1. Put up “Tired of Potholes?” signs.
  2. Email neighbors to sign a  petition, write letters and go to Supervisor meetings. 
  3. Write a letter to the editor about the condition of your road and the impact it has had on you and your neighbors eg car repairs, accidents, reduced property value, etc.
  4. Take pictures of your road (e.g. potholes) and send them to SOSroads.org. 
  5. Borrow SOSroads.org stencil to paint “Fix Our Road” on the worst section of your road. Take a picture and send it to your local paper.

Conference Organizer -  SOSroads.org will be doing one or two conferences a year. We need someone with experience organizing events.

Conference Volunteer - We need people who are friendly who can help with miscellaneous tasks at our conferences and events.

Budget/Research Analyst -  Most desirable would be someone with experience in public policy issues and with excellent writing skills.

Development Specialist/Fund Raiser -  A person with proven experience raising money. What else do we need to say?

If you like to volunteer, please send an email to: Michael Troy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.