The Harris & Associates 2022 Pavement Management Program Update provides the results of a visual survey of Sonoma County’s 1,349 miles of roads during 2022. The report contains a wealth of information on Pavement Condition Index, a measure of road condition on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being perfect. Below 50 is considered "poor" and below 25 "very poor."

The executive summary states that overall county roads in 2022 have a Pavement Condition Index of 53.  The major collectors and arterials are in the best condition, ranging between 69 and 78. However, 42 percent of Sonoma County roads (especially local roads) are considered to be poor or very poor.

Appendix I (PDF pages 27-90) contains the current Pavement Condition Index for each road section of Sonoma County, listed alphabetically.