Sonoma County Public Infrastructure (formerly Transportation and Public Works Department) has issued its list of proposed pavement preservation projects for the 2024 and 2025 construction seasons. The supervisors may approve these on April 18, 2023.  The funds for these projects were allocated in part as the result of advocacy by SOSroads and its members.

To see the two-page list of recommend roads, including road names, locations, pavement treatments, cost, and other information, click here.

Note that only portions of most listed roads are planned for pavement improvement, not the entire lengths of the roads. Among the portions of roads that are proposed for improvement are the following:

  • District 1:  Los Guilicos Avenue, Railroad Avenue, Solano Avenue, Orange Avenue.
  • District 2:  Chapman Lane, Cyprus Avenue, Lowell Avenue, Minnesota Avenue, Penngrove Avenue.
  • District 3:  West Robles Avenue, Barbara Drive, Eddy Drive.
  • District 4:  Mill Creek Road, Starr Road, Coffee Lane, Leslie Road.
  • District 5:  Bay Flat Road, Skaggs Spring Road, Coleman Valley Road, Scenic Avenue.

Here is a map of the planned projects

Other information of interest includes:

•        County of Sonoma Summary Report

•       Tier 2 PG&E Settlement Project Modifications